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Asthma Care

Asthma Care at School

Asthma is the leading chronic illness among children and adolescents in the United States.  Our goal at West ISD is to keep your student safe while at school.  


Asthma Action Plan  

The Asthma Action plan is in accordance with Texas Education Code 38.015 and HB 1688 which passed during the 2001 Texas Legislative Session.  This bill allows student to self-administered asthma medication(s) while at school or school functions with written permission from parents and physicians.  


The Asthma Action Plan (ENGLISH) (SPANISH) is to be filled out ANNUALLY each year by the student's prescribing physician and must be signed by both the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian. Parents/guardian are encouraged to bring back-up Asthma medication to the clinic, as well as students to carry their own inhaler if appropriate documention is in place, especially if they're in Athletics.


written doctor's activity restriction note will be required for any student who cannot participate fully in his/her physical education class. The school nurse does not have the authority to keep the student from participating out of  PE or Athletics for an extended period of time. 


Student Self Carry Asthma Medication

  • A form titled Parent/Physician Authorization for Self-Administration of Asthma Medication by a Student, must be completed and kept on file with the campus nurse before a student can possess and self-administer his/her asthma or anaphylaxis medication. Consent to carry is located on page two of Asthma Action Plan. 
  • The physician and the parent/guardian will assess and provide written consent of the student’s competency and ability to recognize symptoms and how to correctly use the medications before allowing the student to carry an inhaler in school. (This form can be obtained from the school nurse or printed by clicking the links  (ENGLISH) (SPANISH)  
  • All required documentation will be kept on file in the school clinic and must be renewed annually. 
  • The parents of children with known asthma are expected and highly encourage to provide an individual supply of emergency medication to the campus nurse for emergency use.
  • The physican, parents and students must recognize that it is the student’s responsibility to carry the medication at all times if no medication is kept in the nurses office. 
  • If you do not wish to have an Action Plan in place, please sign and return the REFUSAL for Treatment (ENGLISH) (SPANISH) to the campus nurse.  


Self Carry Considerations

Athletic Events or School Events 

The students who require asthma medication for athletic activities or school events should also process the medication through the school nurse and/or Athletic Trainer.  If the student has permission by written consent from the physician and the parent/guardian on the Asthma Action Plan to self-carry their asthma medication, they may do so, after discussion with the school event sponsor, school nurse and/or school Athletic Trainer. 


All campuses DO NOT have an emergency supply of asthma medication that school nurses may administer in the event of an asthmatic attack. If your student has an event of an unexpected, undiagnosed asthma attack, and there is no Asthma Action Plan in place, 911 will be notified, then the parent. The staff at WEST ISD is appropriately trained as to the right circumstances in which to administer an asthma medication if made available by the parent in the event of an asthma attack per the student’s Physician Care Plan / Plan of Action.