District Announces Plans to Help "Bully Proof" West ISD

Senate Bill (SB) 179, also known as “David’s Law,” requires school districts to adopt certain practices and procedures to prevent and respond to bullying and cyberbullying, expands district jurisdiction for off-campus cyberbullying, and establishes civil and criminal consequences for certain types of bullying. The definitions for bullying and cyberbullying have been revised, with both now located in Education Code Section 37.0832.
Additionally, districts are now required to develop procedures for students to anonymously report an incident of bullying, must provide notice to parents of the alleged victim by the third business day after an alleged incident of bullying is reported, and must have a school counselor serve as an impartial resource for interpersonal conflicts and discord, including accusations of bullying, involving two or more students.
The bill provides for permissive DAEP placement or expulsion for students who have engaged in certain behavior, including participating in group bullying that incites violence, releasing or threatening to release intimate visual material of a student, or encouraging a student to commit or attempt to commit suicide.
Over the summer, West ISD prepared a plan and response for each of this Senate Bill's provisions. The website link below highlights several of the updates, as well as all bully incident reporting options. Together, let's "bully-proof" West ISD!
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