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Why Support Legacy West?

West ISD is truly a unique community in which to live and raise our children.  We are so fortunate to have great schools, outstanding administrators, talented and dedicated teachers, wonderful students, and parents committed to providing our children the best possible education.  However, we face significant challenges in our efforts to maintain educational excellence in our community. 

·         We cannot rely solely upon tax dollars to provide the excellence in education that our children deserve.

·         It is highly unlikely that there will be any significant financial relief for our school district in the foreseeable future.

·         Individual school fundraisers are vital to each campus, but are limited to each school. Many of the educational programs our teachers develop are actually district-wide.

Legacy West Education Foundation needs your support now more than ever!  Our public-private partnership is one of the solutions to our school-funding challenge.  We need the support of ALL parents, neighbors, and friends to maintain the excellence in education that our children deserve.

We welcome your tax-deductible donation today, payable by either check or credit card.