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West ISD COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program


At West ISD, we seek to maintain a safe environment for employees, students, families, and the community. To support those goals, we have partnered with Concentric by Ginkgo to provide an optional Antigen testing program.


All West ISD campus nursing offices have Rapid Testing kits for student and staff usage. These rapid antigen-based testing kits will potentially give our District the ability to quickly identify and isolate positive individuals before they can transmit the virus to others. In turn, this will help reduce the amount of absences for individuals waiting on test results and help to fast track treatment and quarantine for positive individuals and their close contacts.


Rapid Testing Plan Parameters

    • Rapid COVID-19 testing for symptomatic staff members; and
    • Rapid COVID-19 testing for symptomatic students.

Again, individuals less than the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission before testing can be performed. These testing kits are optional (voluntary or requested). No individual will be required to take a test. For other testing sites, the state has an interactive map that is updated daily and lists statewide COVID-19 testing sites. This link is located on the West ISD website.


Testing Program Coordinators

    • Primary Contact: Nurse Tobola (West Middle/High School)
    • Secondary Contact: Nurse Kucera (West Elementary School)


West ISD Rapid Testing Consent Forms


Remember, this is strictly on a volunteer basis.  It is our goal to help eliminate the cost of this test for our families and staff by offering this service at our District Campuses.  


But first, we need your help! We are requesting each family to participate in this program to help safeguard the wellbeing of our entire school community. 


The consent will be good for six (6) months and we will not test your student unless we receive verbal permission once the consent is in place.  


We want to reiterate; your student will never be randomly tested. 


Please follow the instructions below in order to start your online COVID-19 consent.  


To get started, please fill out the consent form with your permission to perform a COVID-19 test for your student at your student’s campus. This process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete using a computer or a smartphone.


  1. You will be required to enter an access for your West ISD campus. Please write down the appropriate code below before proceeding to step 2. You will need the access code to complete registration based on the student’s campus (no spaces).
    • WESTHS
  2. Once you have the access code, click the appropriate link below and enter the requested information on the screen.
  3. Finally, enter your child’s information, and you’re done!

For questions or additional information, please contact David Truitt, Superintendent, at (254) 981-2000.